Festival Montalbâne 2018

Festival Montalbâne is a festival for medieval music, which is held each year in the region of the Unstrut-Saale. It now runs in its 28th year. This year it is part of the exhibition programme, Monastery & World 2018

This year – 2018 – the theme of the Montalbâne Festival is Mysticism and Extacy. The musical programme intends to explore the sound of the medieval monasteries, of which the German region of Unstrut-Saale is so rich.

Usually, the festival is housed at Neuenburg in Freyburg. This year, however, the festival is housed at the Cistercian Abbey at Pforta. It is part of the celebration of the many monasteries in the region offering exhibitions, visits, and other activities.

The program this year offers concerts with Ars Choralis Coeln from Cologne, Stimmen from Byzans (Byzantion), Kelly Landerkin, Gilles Binchois and Miroir de Musique from France and Tavagna from Corsica, as well as the Montalbãne Ensemble. The festival opens with a performance of Hildegard von Bingen’s “Ordo Virtutem”, known as the first mystery play from Europe.

Featured Photo:

The Circle of Angels. From Scivias, an illustrated work by Hildegard von Bingen, completed in 1151 or 1152.


Montalbâne 2018
Der Klang mittelalterlicher Klosterwelten
XXVIII International Festival of Medieval Music
06.07.2018 – 08.07.2018

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